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Ungulate Rescue in North Idaho

The mission of Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue, Inc. is 'to assist and support wildlife by providing shelter and care for orphaned and/or injured wildlife, rehabilitating such wildlife, and providing public education.'

Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue, Inc. is located in beautiful North Idaho. Surrounded by acres of private farm land, timber service and national forest, it is considered ideal animal habitat. Proof of that is seen on a regular basis by ungulate sightings in the area. Mystic Farm is an excellent choice of area for "Rescue, Rehab, and Release" of wildlife back into the wild. The rehabilitation and release of orphaned fawns at Mystic Farm is setting precedence as a viable alternative to "putting down" or long term placement in human care. Research into orphan rehabilitation and release in recent years has proven remarkable strides. By following specific protocol, this goal is a reality.

* Mystic Farm is fully licensed under the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

*Orphaned fawns are not pets. If you find any wild animal - DO NOT TOUCH! Call Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue at (208) 241-7081 or your local Fish & Game officer immediately. The situation will be assessed as to whether or not a rescue is warranted. Often times the mother is nearby and a rescue not necessary.

*To succeed in being released back into the wild, orphans must not be handled or fed by anyone other than the primary caregiver. The baby will bond to and consider the caregiver his "mom" and will not associate other humans with food and affection. this is extremely important for the future safety of the animals, as well as any humans with whom they may come into contact after release back into the wild.

*Mystic Farm is operated solely by donations and volunteers.

*Mystic Farm is a non-profit 501 (C) 3. all cash donations are tax deductible.

*Thank you for supporting the stewardship of our wildlife!


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Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue, Inc.

710 Sanctuary Hills, Sagle, ID 83860, US

(208) 241-7081


Always available by phone.  No onsite tours.

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  Don’t Be A Fawn Napper! Every year, fawns are reported by the caring public as being orphaned or abandoned. Sometimes it is a case of death of the doe, leaving the fawn obviously orphaned. Sometimes it is a case of an injured fawn, causing the doe to abandon her baby. But, unfortunately, it is often a case of not being orphaned at all, but rather the mother just being out of sight.  If you come across a lone fawn, DO NOT TOUCH! Keep a distance and call Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue 


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“Saving Idaho Wildlife – One Orphan at a Time!”

Merry Christmas from Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue! Mystic Farm provides care for injured and orphaned fawns in preparation for release back into the wild – where they belong! We continue to have extraordinary success with both rehabilitation and release. 

This last season, the number of orphans that came through our door was record breaking. The more babes - the higher the cost to operate the rescue. Unfortunately, due to medical issues and limited volunteers, we will not be holding our annual “Grow More Spots” fundraiser. Though the board will be looking at alternatives, we count on that event to cover the majority of our funding. Honestly, fundraising is the one part of Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue that I dislike. But, the reality is that it has to be done. The thought of “considering the alternative” is not even open for discussion. We will save each and every warranted rescue babe that needs saving – opposition or lack of funds be damned! 

Thank you for your past and continued support. Without generous tax deductible contributions like yours, we could not continue to provide the care to the animals coming through Mystic Farm. You are the backbone of our rescue operation. Know that by donating, you will be a part of giving wildlife a second chance.  Sincere thanks – and the fawns thank you!

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Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue, Inc. 

710 Sanctuary Hills 

Sagle, ID 83860

*Donations also accepted via PayPal: mysticfarmrescue@yahoo.com