Momma Deer Killed


I received this message from Katy (a Mystic Farm supporter) today re. a lactating doe killed near the Careywood Fire Station. Another lactating doe was killed near Fry Creek Animal Clinic. This doe’s fawn has been seen hanging out on the shoulder next to the busy highway! Keep your eyes open for these two vulnerable fawns. They are probably getting extremely dehydrated and thin by now. Please call if you think you see them.
Six orphans now residing at Mystic Farm. They are consuming 4 -5 gallons of food a day…they must be healthy! In addition, there have been too many calls to count advising people how to “leave the fawn/put the fawn back” – the mom is probably in the area!” Many happy endings :-)

Ramona the intern is settling in nicely in the little cabin. A bit more stain and clean up, and that project can be checked off the list. Thank you to everyone that contributed items and to making this possible.

A big thank you to the small group of volunteers that helped me put up the expanded fawn area. It now extends well into a wooded and shaded area with many places to hide! The first few of the fawns will be moved down in the next couple of days. All will be moved down when each fawn masters the bottle rack and no longer depends on my holding the bottle.

All is good :-) Thanks for your continued support.

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