Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue, Inc.

MYSTIC FARM WILDLIFE RESCUE, INC. UPDATE:   The last of the fawns was sent out on his own today – his splint is removed after breaking his leg late in the season when he caught it in a fence . He’s doing great. He just needs to get used to not having an extra contraption strapped onto his leg!   “Friends of Mystic Farm” are starting to organize the fundraiser candle parties. Great handmade items just in time for the holidays. Candle, sachets, chocolate moose, “moose aromas”, soap…all handmade! And the best part? All proceeds go to support Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue, Inc! If you would like to book a party (or just attend), email me and I’ll help you set one up or connect you to the right people.   Just in time for hunting season… Maybe it’s my warped sense of humour, but I found the attached photo a crack up!

Have a fun and spooky Halloween…watch out for kids, deer, elk and moose on the road. ‘Tis that time of year :-) Dory Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue, Inc.

Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue, Inc. is a non profit 501 (c) 3. All cash donations are tax deductible.

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