All is going well with the “herd”. Flutterby has her cast/splint off and is loving her freedom in the pen with the twins. It won’t be too long before they can either join back up with the others or, possibly, be soft released right from their area up by the barn. I want to give the twins a bit more growth and make certain Flutterby’s leg is fully healed.

As for the others, they are close to “soft release date”. Mid to late September the gates will be opened and they will be encouraged to strike out on their own. All are doing well on the “red cap” feeding plan after the weird experience this year with hair loss from the usual replacement formula. The few that were affected are fat and healthy…just need to grow that hair back!

The banquet (Stillwater Ranch on September 17th) planning is moving right along at full speed. If you need tickets, PLEASE contact me (208 241-7081) or Jan (208 610 6669) or pick them up at Big R sporting good dept. in Sandpoint or Wholesale Sports in CdA as soon as possible. We need to order/purchase the food from Texas Roadhouse this coming Tuesday, so need the head count as close as possible. We don’t want to be short on food! Donated and purchased items for the auction/raffles are still coming in. In addition to some of the items mentioned in the last update (antler chandelier, original and print paintings, a pie a month for a year, one deer processing cut and wrap, handmade doe skin rife scabbards, MANY dinners at local restaurants, antler wine racks, etc.), we have now added a weekend ski/hotel pkg. in North Idaho, an absolutely amazing mesquite burl end table with turquoise inlay, a Remington Model 870 Express pump shotgun, a Ruger 10/22 Jacaranda Laminate rifle, a beautiful antler lamp, a smoker…and so much more! If you have offered donations and haven’t connected with us to pick them up, please contact Dory or Jan. The banquet should be “moose buckets full of fun”! Please lend your support and join us for a good time, good food, great door/raffle/auction items, and a chance to show your support for the wildlife rescue. Remember, we couldn’t do this without you! BTW: The Country Inn in Sagle is offering a deal for anyone coming to the area for the banquet: stay at the hotel for their already low price, and they will donate $20 a night back to Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue, Inc.

The attachments are of a recent photo of part of the “herd” drinking their bottles from the bottle rack, and about an eight minute recording of Dory and Janette on “1400 AM Talk” Blue Sky Broadcasting interview about the rescue and the upcoming banquet. Just a heads up…if you have dial up, the interview attachment may be a bit long. I’m scheduled to do another radio interview on Thursday (Sept. 8th) at 9:30 AM on “K102″ FM morning show out of Spokane. Make sure to tune in!

Again, thanks for all of your support, produce and cash/item donations! We are all in this together…”Saving Idaho Wildlife – One Orphan at a Time”.

See you at the banquet!


MYSTIC FARM WILDLIFE RESCUE, INC. UPDATE: The banquet is coming together! Just a “tease” of some of the items that will be up for auction and/or raffle: Antler chandelier, original wildlife paintings, wildlife photography, nights stay and golf pkg., rifles, beautiful handmade doe skin rifle scabbards, jewelry, leather jackets, meat/fish smoker, deer cut and wrap, GOOD wine!, antler wine racks, spa pkgs, TONS of gift certificates (Cabelas, Uhaul, dinners, massages, etc.) and SO MUCH MORE! Get your tickets and plan on attending! Remember, we promise “Moose Buckets Full of Fun!”   To purchase tickets: *Big R Sporting Goods Section in Sandpoint *Wholesale Sports in Coeur d’ Alene *Or call: 208 241-7081  or  208 610-6669   If you would like to donate to the banquet/auction/raffles, sell tickets, help with set up and/or tear down, etc., give me a call or send me an email!   Thanks for the continued support! See you at the banquet!   Dory Mystic Farm Wildlife Rescue, Inc. 208 241-7081

Possibly the hardest post I will ever make for mystic Farm updates. Today I lost my dear, sweet , Ali mule deer. After not seeing her for at least a week, she showed up yesterday, in labor, and headed to a stall in the barn. A bit odd, as she had never been confined – in the barn or anywhere else. She had been soft released back into the wild and made her occasional visits just to “check in”. She did not want me to leave her side, straining and getting anxious when I did. I spent the night with her in the barn, hoping the contractions would peak, resulting in the birth of her fawns (we were quite certain there were at least twins – she was so huge!). Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. By mid-day, we could feel (and see) one very large hoof, indicating things were not progressing as should be. The emergency vet was called in to evaluate the situation. As we suspected, but did not want to hear, the fawns were breach and very big. Try as hard as we could to help Ali and pull the fawns out, it was impossible. The fawns had died and poor Ali was giving it all she had to birth them. The vet made a call to the only large animal hospital facility within driving distance to see if we could trailer her in for a C-section. Unfortunately, since it is in Washington State, they would not accept wildlife from Idaho. Doing a C-section on site was not possible – the vet figured only a 5% chance of Ali surviving and it would be a horrible, painful procedure. The only hope was to get those babies out before Ali became too septic, and that hope was gone. As difficult as it was, I had to make a decision. Allow her to linger and suffer a slow and painful death or do the right thing and have her euthanized? As I continued to hold her head in my lap, she took her last breath looking up at me. I truly believe she came back to me in her time of need. She knew I was there to help when she was a newborn orphan and came to me to help her through her next journey in life. Wishing the journey would have been the addition of life and not the end of life… But, I was there to ease her out of this world just as I was there to help her survive her entrance into this world. We taught each other so much. She is, by far, the most special rescue to pass through Mystic Farm. Ali was the ultimate in “soft release” success stories. We buried her in the lower pasture that she dearly loved. Such a loss and such a tragedy. We have lost our sweet Ali and the fawns we so long awaited. My heart has a hole in it. My gut is retching. I wonder, in times like these, if I can go on doing this… But, I know “this too shall pass” and I will move on. Ali, as no other, will always hold a special place in my heart.

*”An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.”* ~Martin Buber~ So very true.

Thanks for listening and for all of your positive thoughts and well wishes through all of this. Tomorrow is another day with many hungry little ungulates to guide into soft release back into the wild…

*The attached photo is one of my favorites. Ali with Cookie “Horse Whisperer” (POA) in her ear.


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